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Zentel Tech’s company culture is where we are different from our competition. While there are countless companies that install piping and controls; there are none that are structured so that each engineer, mechanic and technician is nurtured and encouraged to grow and excel in the industry. It is with our combined knowledge and culture, that our truly skilled craftsmen become the elite of the industry.

This is demonstrated in the fact that we can provide unique and cost effective solutions to our customers that exceed their expectations. Zentel Tech’s culture encompasses the unique ability to look beyond the base of the problem and identify solutions that overcome any obstacles. People turn to us for long lasting solutions. Our customers know that our knowledge and culture make our mechanics the most creative and resourceful in the industry. “If you build it, they will come” is how the culture that lives in each and every mechanic technician and engineer; has allowed us to expand more than 50% every year since our inception.


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